Hitting the road just months before the Interstate Highway System began construction, the ladies headed east in their 1955 Plymouth Belvedere on US Route 10, leaving Seattle through the Mount Baker tunnel and over the Lake Washington Floating Bridge. They continued on US 10 across the Cascade Mountains and through eastern Washington, through Idaho over the Bitterroot Mountains and into western Montana. Passing through the towns of Missoula, Deer Lodge, and Butte, they then headed south on State Routes 34 and 1 down to Yellowstone National Park. From Yellowstone, they continued north on US Route 89 and then meandered as they passed through the towns of Livingston, Harlowton, and Helena on their way up to Glacier National Park.

They exited Glacier westbound on US Route 2 through the towns of Kalispell and Libby and back into Idaho, where upon reaching the town of Bonner’s Ferry they headed south on US Route 95, passing through Coeur d’Alene for a second time and then continuing south through The Palouse to the town of Lewiston. From Lewiston they crossed the Snake River and drove west on Highway 410, back into Washington and eventually into Oregon.

They drove west on US Route 30 along the Columbia River, through the Portland and on to the Oregon Coast. From the town of Astoria they drove south on US Route 101 along the coastline, stopping in towns such as Canon Beach, Tillamook, and Coos Bay, before dipping slightly into California before driving northeast on Highway 199 back into Oregon.

From the town of Grants Pass they took a series of state roads to Crater Lake National Park and then continued to the town of Klamath Falls. From there they drove north on US Route 97, through Bend and Redmond and then west on Highway 26- passing Mt Hood and coming back into Portland. From Portland they drove north on US Route 99, back over the Columbia River, past Mt St Helens and through Olympia and Tacoma on their way back home to Ballard.

The construction of Interstates 90, 84, and 5 has obliterated many of the original roads the women traveled on as well as many of the locations in which they stopped.

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